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Serving Fullerton, CA  & Beyond...
JC Galaxy Security is fully licensed and insured with head quarter in Fullerton, California. Your safety is our priority and as we deliver the highest level of security personnel service.  We offer over 17 years experience of security service as well as put customer service as our our #1 priority! JC Galaxy Security offers security service for a variety of companies and special events as well as offer competitive structured fees. You can be assured that you will receive an outstanding team of security professionals.

JC Galaxy Security offers great security service that will make you feel completely at ease. With our dedicated trained staff we assure all of our clients a personalized service that goes beyond the scope of other similar types of security companies.

What makes us different from the rest is the fact that JC Galaxy Security cares for your security just as you would care for it.  Contact us today and allow us to provide you with the peace of mind and reliability that you deserve!

Security needs have changed due to the significant amounts of crimes such as theft and vandalism, which is our security specialty. This can be prevented by the mere presence of one of our unarmed security guards.

Serious and violent crimes are becoming more common.  Offenders will be willing to injure or target innocent bystanders just to get what they desire. Incidents of personal and property related crimes are on the rise due to the tough economic times, escalating insurance cost, and the downfall of today’s market industry.

All of these plights can be put to an end with our law enforced professionals. As a security company in Fullerton, CA, our staff employees are motivated and passionate about their career choice and committed to the safety and security of our clients. WHATEVER IT TAKES WE WILL GET IT DONE!

#1  JC Galaxy Security offers over 17 years experience of security service.

#2  JC Galaxy Security makes customer service its #1 priority.

#3  JC Galaxy Security offers security services for a variety of companies & special events.

#4  JC Galaxy Security offers competitive structured fees.

#5  JC Galaxy Security provides an outstanding team of security professionals.